Go to http://www1.astrazeneca-us.com/pi/seroquelxr.pdf to read Prescribing Information For SEROQUEL XR (quetiapine fumarate), including Boxed Warnings.
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Resource for Health Care Professionals about SEROQUEL XR (quetiapine fumarate). Go to http://www1.astrazeneca-us.com/pi/seroquelxr.pdf for Prescribing Information and Boxed Warnings.
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Find counselling, search for psychotherapy or look for therapy in nottinghamshire. Search Nottingham, mansfield, newark, arnold and many more...
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Billshrinkers is a national mental health billing service. Their goal is to collect 100% of what you earn from insurance companies and patients, making it easy for you to maximize the profitability of your practice while drastically reducing your paperwor
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Professional Individual, Marriage, and Family Counselling and Psychotherapy. Specialized psychotherapy for various conditions and traumas that include: grief/loss, sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, anxieties and phobias, addictions, a
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Secrets for controlling attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults (adult ADHD).
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The top news and headlines from leading sources focusing on cognitive disorders from a healthcare perspective.
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Mental health plans information, free advice and free quotes on mental health plans.
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Comprehensive information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications. Support groups, psychological tests, online journals, mental health news, mental health videos, more.
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How is your mental health? We are a full service practice management billing company focused on meeting your unique needs and goals. We can keep track of all of your treatment review forms so that you can have more time for yourself. And we submit elec
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Mental health information, books, communities, support, resources and more for consumers, families and clinicians.
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Borderline personality disorder information, resources, community, research, books, expert archives, family section and more.
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Mental health books and a description for sale.
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Find a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage counselors from thousands of detailed profiles
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Vagus nerve stimulation is the only FDA appproved long term treatment option for depresssion. Learn how this remarkable treatment can change your life.
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As a holistic counselor, Nancy works with people as they encounter transitions in life, helping them to discover their self-defeating behavior and transform it into responses that support their life."I help people pay attention to their whole self as they
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Athealth.com is a leading provider of mental health information and services for mental health practitioners and those they serve. Our online community consists of psychiatrists, pediatricians, family practitioners, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, soci
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Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a chronic, debilitating biological disorder affecting the limbic system of the brain that controls emotions. People with BPD have difficulty regulating their emotions. Thus BPD is also known as emotional regulation
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The online resource for patients, families and professionals in mental health. Articles, resources, chats, bulletin boards and support regarding a variety of mental health disorders.
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Mental health information, communities, books, support, suicide hotline and resources and questions boards for both consumers and clinicians.
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mentalhealthchannel provides comprehensive, trustworthy information about mental health conditions, such as alcohol abuse, depression (major depressive disorder), and general anxiety disorder (GAD).
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Articles, news, discussions related to mental health issues such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, caregivers, stress, addiction, and suicide.
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