MarginProbe is an advanced breast cancer detection tool developed by Dune Medical Devices. The tool allows the patient and the respective surgeon get a proper analysis of the cancerous cell and determine the best course of action.
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    Today, breast cancer affects one in eight women. Digital infrared scanning, also known as breast thermography, can give you the opportunity to take proactive steps to decrease your risk.
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    Latest discoveries and studies from leading sources concerned with the prevention, causes and treatment of breast cancer.
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    A new aid has just appeared on the market, it has a shape of a fingerless glove, it is called MammaGlove and it is intended for self-examination and early detection of any changes, nodes or abscesses in the breast tissue.
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    Great gifts geared to raise breast cancer awareness! Stuff for survivors, survivor supporters, and BC support in general.
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    For women who want to maintain breast health and for women diagnosed with breast cancer. This site is designed with the purpose of empowering women in their health care choices.
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    Resources include articles, news, discussions, medical guides and more info on issues related to breast cancer.
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